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Exhibition consultation
Mr.Brian BAO
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Exhibition consultation
Mr. Edwin Qi
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Exhibits Scope

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Exhibits Scope

Automotive Electronics Technology Expo
Electronic components/materials, semiconductor, automotive systems, testing tools, ADAS, software, hardware system, etc.;
Automotive Lightweight Technology Expo & Automotive Plastic and Composites Expo
Metal/nonmetal materials, spare parts, molding/processing technology and equipment, engineering design, simulation, etc;
Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology and Charging Facilities Expo
EV/HEV Cars,Motor, inverter, converter, parts, materials, batteries, chargers, manufacturing equipment, etc.;;

Automotive Test Expo
NVH analysis, Test simulation,  Engine/emissions testing, Vehicle dynamics testing, Materials testing, Test facility, Test management software, Tire testing Electronics and microelectronics testing, EMC/electrical interference testing, Hydraulics testing , Telemetry systems, Calibrationetc.;;
Connected Car Expo
M2M management/system/equipment, driving the vehicle management, vehicle entertainment equipm -ent, man-machine interface, etc.;

Automotive Lighting Technology Expo
Auto lighting source, Auto lamp, Manufacture processing and equipment, New technology products, Automobile light and lanterns of aided design etc.;