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Mr.Brian BAO
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Exhibition consultation
Mr. Jason Huang
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Booth Type

Option A
Standard booth A  9㎡(3mX3m)  Price: USD2800  
Standard booth B  18㎡(3mX6m)  Price: USD5600
Provided with three exhibition boards of 2.5m high and two lintels produced according to the requirement of the exhibitors, whole-floor carpet, one desk and two chairs for meeting and discussion, one 5 amp./220v AC socket and two spotlights.(Double for 18㎡ booth). 10% of more fee for two openings

Option B
Raw Space (at least 36㎡)  Price: USD280/㎡
Provided with security service and public responsible insurance.(No installation service for ground area, exhibitors can arrange it by themselves or relegate to the booth construction companies recommended by organizing committee).