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Melexis Technical Day in Auto Tech 2019

time:2019-02-28 source:未知 click: second
How sensor technology will shape the cars of the future
Despite a recent modest growth in car sales, the amount of electronics being integrated into vehicles is steadily increasing year on year. Passenger cars have been filled with sensors to sense temperature, pressure, position and speed for years now. However, the need for sensors keeps increasing considerably. One of the reasons is the mix of engine technologies currently being used, such as internal combustion engines, hybrid and electric motors as well as advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and upcoming autonomous driving requirements.
Furthermore, gesture sensors and LED sensors are significantly on the rise as they improve in-cabin comfort experiences. In addition, smart seats, trunks and HVACs require an increasing electrification and motorization as more and more smaller motors are added to the car. The clear transition to a low-carbon energy future is triggering a shift from cars with a classic combustion engine to hybrid and electric cars.
Melexis concentrates on three trends: electrification, which targets zero emissions, ADAS, aiming for zero traffic fatalities, and personalization, improving the level of comfort for every individual in the vehicle. Our engineers focus mainly on innovations for the powertrain and the chassis, body and safety systems. Developing advanced integrated applications and solutions for these areas is our core business.

13:00 - 13:45 Unique Triaxis position sensors for measuring on-axis and off-axis rotary, linear and joystick (3D) motion with a variety of output types  
13:45- 14:30 Application of current sensor based on renowned Hall effect technology in BMS system  
14:30 - 15:15 Wide range of versatile pressure sensor in fuel delivery system  
15:15- 16:00 Automotive Time-of-Flight portfolio for in-cabin monitoring systems  
May 10 pm, 2019

Wuhan International Expo Center