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VW's future infotainment system will control your home secur

time:2016-07-10 source:未知 click: second
Volkswagen owners could soon be able to control all of the connected devices in their home directly through their vehicles. That's the goal of VW's partnership with Korean company LG. The two companies revealed today that they'll be working together to bring the car and home closer together with a cloud-based system.
The partnership will develop a next-generation infotainment system for Volkswagen vehicles, drawing on LG's years of experience building car stereo systems for VW and the aftermarket. The new consoles will also integrate control of home security systems, lights, and temperature.
The two companies will also be building a notification center that can relay messages to drivers in a safe and easy-to-digest manner. The system will be able to sense where the vehicle is and make various changes and recommendations based on that info.
VW previewed some of this home integration in the BUDD-e concept from this year's CES. Occupants in the concept van could receive notifications and interact with the Ring video doorbell. A number of automakers recently announced partnerships with tech companies like LG to work on various automotive technologies. BMW already has some home automation integration through the Samsung's SmartThings ecosystem. While not as fully fleshed-out as Volkswagen's concept, the BMW system is available to use right now.
BMW is also working with companies Intel and Mobileye to develop an autonomous vehicle. Apple and Google have worked for years to develop CarPlay and Android Auto. LG, meanwhile, is an industry fixture and will build the battery for the upcoming Chevrolet Bolt EV.