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Ulin Gogh Va has been Director of Unit of Product Designing

time:2016-08-04 source:未知 click: second
Ulin Gogh Va has been employed to be Director of Unit of Product Design of BJEV, a subsidiary of BAIC, one of leading automakers in China. The new director will design shape of modes of ARCFOX, a new brand developed by BJEV.
ARCFOX products may target at customer groups at younger age. Creativity of the new Director is expected to make shape of new products more fashion. Ulin, the previous Director of Unit of Product Design of GM, has proven record of great performance in shape designing.
Goal-driven culture of BJEV has attracted Ulin and many other talents to join the company. Great invest on development of brand has made BJEV a platform on which employees can bring out their potentials. Confidence in that shape design of Chinese vehicles may be world-level has encouraged Ulin to join BJEV.
The increasing number of talents joining BJEV has driven the company closer to become a major auto maker in the world.