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BYD’s Xi’an Plant may Produce 100,000 units’ Alternativ

time:2016-07-06 source:未知 click: second
    Recently, Liu Zhenyu, General Manager of BYD’s Xi’an District received a joint interview by reporters from China, Japan and Korea. He mainly introduced the development trend of BYD alternative energy vehicles and the problems it may face in the future.
    According to staff from BYD, the two production lines of welding procedure in Xi’an Plant reaches 96% and 100% automated production respectively. The robots are mainly purchased from Germany, Switzerland, including ABB.
    Liu Zhenyu said, there are more than 10,000 employees in the four factories in Xi’an. He also feels the increasing human resource pressure. In the future, robots will replace manual operation gradually but quality always comes first. Efficiency should be increased and workers’ production environment will be improved. But there is no detailed plan or target on robots currently. He also introduces that alternative energy vehicles has a rapid development this year. Production volume of Xi’an Plant may reach 100,000 units this year, compared with the 30,000 units of last year.
    Currently, BYD products are mainly composed of buses and taxis in the overseas market, spreading in different countries. “Currently it’s in the initial phrase.” He emphasizes the importance of batteries, “it will determine alternative energy vehicles’ future.” He also believes that alternative energy vehicles are in development, and the government should strengthen the policy support.