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China’s Baidu Zhihui to Cooperate with Foton Motor

time:2016-07-01 source:未知 click: second
Baidu Zhihui Auto, a newly established Internet company in China, announced to cooperate with Foton Motor, the world's largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, aiming to develop intelligent commercial vehicles in the future on the inaugural ceremony of the China Internet Super Truck Global Innovation Alliance on June 22, 2016.
Cooperation between two companies has ensured Baidu Zhihui to entered the field of commercial vehicles, developing its car ecology.
APPs provided by Baidu Zhihui including CarLife, MyCar, CoDriver and Baidu Map, may serve to help drivers have better judge and command based on analysis of big data, improving efficiency of transportation and decreasing cost.
Baidu Zhihui has developed cooperative relationship with several auto manufacturers since its construction of Cars Net, making it the leading company in carrying out strategy of developing auto business on the Internet platform.
Foton has developed profound understandings of applications of Car Net and launched the first Internet super truck in China. Cooperation between Baidu Zhihui and Foton may result in upgrade of transportation industry in China.