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Lisa Jerram, Principal Research Analyst, Navigant Research c

time:2016-05-10 source:未知 click: second
Lisa Jerram, Principal Research Analyst, Navigant Research has been confirmed as a moderator at Connected Car Detroit.
Lisa Jerram is a principal research analyst at Navigant Research. She analyzes emerging markets for new technologies, including electric, hybrid and fuel cell cars, trucks and buses; infrastructure, such as EV charging; innovative vehicle and mobility solutions in the smart city ecosystem.
Ms. Jerram has over 20 years of experience analyzing new technologies and markets, with a particular focus on electrified transportation. She is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and has been quoted in media outlets such as Scientific American and Automotive News.
AUTOMOTIVE MEGATRENDS conferences are designed to connect and inform the stakeholders who are shaping the automotive industry of tomorrow.
Connected Car Detroit will bring together key stakeholders to network and exchange knowledge with the aim of identifying a roadmap for the future.