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Connected Car Tech Expo 2019

time:2018-07-12 source:未知 click: second
China's Leading Exhibition for Connected Car Technologies!

China(Wuhan) Connected Car Expo 2019 will be held during May 9-11, 2019 at Wuhan International Expo Center in Wuhan China, to showcase the core technology and key service for connected car. As a themed exhibition under Auto Tech 2019, Wuhan Connected Car Expo features all kinds of IT solutions, Apps and Services for connected cars. Carmakers, automotive parts suppliers and vehicle corporate users gather to find new suppliers. Exhibit at Connected Car Wuhan to expand your business in China!
Exhibits Scope
Intelligent and connected car,concept car,smart car, smart EV car, Internet car, self-driving car, driverless car, flying car, etc.;
Telematics Development Environment/ Tool
In-Vehicle Operating System
Human Machine Interface, Voice Control, Touch Screen, Motion Recognition etc.
Communication Module
Security System
Telematics Service, Driving Management System, Map/Access/Weather Information, Eco-Friendly Driving System, etc.
Drive Recorder/ Digital Tachograph System
Autonomous Driving System Related Technology, Communication System, Camera Module, etc.

China(Wuhan) Autonomous Driving Technology Expo 2019

Autonomous Driving & ADAS Technologies/Solutions Gather !
Sensing Technologies: Sensors, LiDARs
Camera Modules
Milliwave Radars
Dynamic Mapping Technologies
Positioning Technologies
Semiconductors, AI
Security Solutions
Design Development Solutions
Testing Solutions
Autonomous Vehicles